(For those who have asked so very kindly or those who wish to learn about me.)

Tulips, daffodil, iris, snapdragon, sweet pea, etc. Something other than the basic rose or carnations.

Usually dark chocolate and creams (like orange, lemon, strawberry, raspberry, maple, vanilla, etc.) My ultimate combination is dark chocolate & orange, though I enjoy chocolate covered orange peels and dark chocolate & orange jellies too.

Wines, champagne, mix drinks/dislike beer.

I prefer silver over gold. You will find I don't wear rings or necklaces but I enjoy watches, bracelets and earrings. I have no need for diamonds. Cubic Zirconias make me just as happy and hardly anyone knows at a glance (the difference) without intense inspection.

Top 3 favorites: Italian, Chinese, Mexican (always wanted to try French).

Usually anything NEW that came out in the last 3 mos. Anything older than that I may have already had. Since I have a variety of scents, I always buy the smallest bottle so it doesn't go bad before I can use it. Once I use a scent I don't go back to it. In other words, I don't have a signature scent.

I prefer non-fiction/self-help/history/reference/financial/humor/health etc.

I'll always go for a comedy first, but I will watch anything. I'm not picky.

DESSERTS or APPETIZERS (when picking from a menu)
When I have a choice, I usually skip the appetizers and will order dessert.

Any and all kinds, colors, textures. In this area, gift certificates anywhere lingerie is sold are the best option as my size is hard to buy for. If I had to choose between Victoria's Secret and Fredericks of Hollywood, I tend to buy more from FOH.

Blues, peach, b & w, greens, yellows, purple.

If you feel I've been really NICE
Gift cards from any of these places:
Shell, Exxon, Mobile, Valero, BP (British Petroleum) or Phillips 66
Wal-mart, Wild Birds Unlimited, Barnes & Noble, Amazon.com, Borders or Frederick's of Hollywood
AMEX gift card
SIMON (mall) gift card Visa
Buca di Beppo Italian Restaurant
Olive Garden
WATCH--either a casual or dressy watch with either gun metal or copper look or any style with either a white leather or tan leather band.
Pierced EARRINGS of any style.
ROBE--any style/pattern/length/fabric (XL)
A Yamaha digital piano or keyboard. At least 61 keys w/88 keys the preference. Please no Casios. Prefer "weighted hammer action" keys over "soft touch" keys.
One place for reviews: www.yamaha-keyboard-guide.com
LATCH HOOK RUG: any of the following acrylic rugs:
African Violets
or a gift certificate Available Here toward a rug.
Quality telescope
Nintendo WII System
XBOX 360 System
Widescreen flat computer monitor
Any Aquafall marked AF-1 thru AF-3 or AFW-1 thru AFW-3 found here.
Anything on this page over 3 ft tall.

If you feel I've been OUT OF THIS WORLD
Dishwasher, refrigerator, or stove:
Example 1: Dishwashers
Example 2: More Ideas

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